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Lessons Learned: Safe Autism Therapy through COVID

As schools across the country prepare for reopening, administrators are closely evaluating what keeps children and teachers safe.  In looking back through the pandemic, we are very grateful our stringent COVID protocols at BASS allowed us to continue serving our children safely.   In addition to following all of the CDC guidelines, BASS implemented strict safety and sanitization policies that continue today to keep our learners and staff members safe.  

We are grateful our vigilance has kept COVID cases within the facilities at bay, and we hope these protocols can help with guidelines as other schools and facilities reopen.

Safe ABA Therapy from the Onset 

Understanding our children’s need for regular sessions, BASS continued offering ABA therapy – both in person and remotely – through the pandemic.  When the pandemic first began, we moved many children to in-home services.  We also minimized client pairings as much as possible and limited the number of children gathering together.  

We did offer virtual autism therapy sessions to families who did not feel comfortable with in-person sessions, though not many families chose this option.    

Daily Safety and Sanitation Protocols

Before entering our clinics, all staff members and children must pass temperature checks and wash their hands.  Throughout multiple times each day, everyone undergoes temperature checks and hand washing again.  During each autism therapy session, we practice social distancing as much as possible.

In each of our facilities, our rigorous sanitization policy dedicates two hours each day to disinfecting toys and touch points.  

Strict Health Policies

Masks are mandatory for all staff members, and we have a strict sickness policy.  We have also paid for all our staff members to be vaccinated.  

We have great hope the end of the pandemic is approaching, but until then, we will be continuing our vigilant protocols to keep everyone healthy.   We are ever grateful our practices have allowed us to safely continue providing essential services for our beloved children.