ABA Therapy at BASS

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses the principles of behavior science to increase positive behaviors while eliminating negative behaviors for long-term individual development.

ABA therapy programs have long been established as effective approaches to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease problem behaviors for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD; National Autism Center, 2009; Wong et al., 2014). The result of these therapies is to promote general development to age-appropriate behaviors, as well as to teach a variety of childhood life skills: communication, socialization, adaptation, feeding, and toilet training, among many others. Many ask, how can I find ABA therapy near me? Explore our locations.

Why Does ABA Work?

ABA therapy is a science-based approach to treating the core deficits associated with an Autism diagnosis. Its effectiveness is rooted in fundamental principles of learning and behavior. Through the systematic and personalized application of behavioral interventions, individuals acquire communication, social, and daily living skills that help promote a lifetime of positive development.

Communication Skills

Receptive Communication
Expressive Communication
Social Skills

Daily Living Skills

Potty training
Fine Motor Skills
Personal Self-care

Problem Behaviors

Aggressive Behavior
Self-Stimulatory Behavior
Property Destruction

How does BASS ABA Therapy develop a therapy program for my child?

A Board Certified BASS ABA Clinician (BCBA) will conduct an assessment for your child once we have established the proper diagnosis from your referring pediatrician. This assessment is highly customized to determine your child’s individual needs across a full range of behavioral dimensions.

Once completed, BASS will recommend an individualized ABA therapy program specifically for your child. Each BASS ABA therapy program is as unique as your child and family’s needs, skills, interests and preferences. This program will evolve with the development and progress of your child, all of which will be measured and communicated regularly to ensure progress and success.
Our BCBA will design and oversee the program and be your guide on the journey with your child and you.

Outcome Study - Newly released

We are excited to share our first report on our program outcomes!

ABA therapy is grounded in rigorously measuring a child’s developmental progress to ensure success.  We believe that BASS is one of the first ABA therapy providers to apply that same discipline to our practice and program itself.  We have aggregated clinical data across all our children’s assessments to determine our overall program performance.  The results are compelling.  We are pleased to share our first Outcomes Study with you as we aspire to partnership and transparency with our parents and community – see these results for yourself.  

What should you expect from BASS ABA Therapy?

Not all ABA therapy providers are alike. Some focus on quantity of service hours or program templates, whereas BASS ABA Therapy focuses on measurable outcomes, open communication, and engagement with parents and families, as partners in working with our children.
BASS ABA Therapy is dedicated to the unique needs of each of our children and their families, as well as our special needs community more broadly. We are passionate about the work we do and recognize that families are entrusting us with their child and counting on us to meet their needs for growth and development. We are truly dedicated to making sure that each child and family member, alongside our therapists and team members, reaches their maximum potential.
Recognizing that every child is unique, we believe that an ABA program should deliver progress toward these milestones:
Mainstreaming: The goal of BASS ABA Therapy and every one of our families is to help each child achieve his or her full potential. At a minimum, this means eliminating self-harm and harm to others in order to participate in social settings. Beyond this, achieving their potential to demonstrate age appropriate behaviors and function satisfactorily in natural environments (home, school, community) is a tangible goal we strive to help them achieve.
Generalization: It is not sufficient for our children to demonstrate behavioral change with just a BASS therapist or clinician. Generalization comes from our children learning to respond in age appropriate ways to stimuli and people in a variety of natural situations and locations.
Skills Acquisition: Behavioral therapy is particularly well suited to help children acquire the academic, developmental, cognitive, social and life skills in which they have deficits relative to age appropriate behavior.
You should always expect more from BASS than other therapists. Our ethics and values demand this. We are relentless in our focus on outcomes and results for your child’s development.
Every child’s, and every family’s, needs are unique. BASS ABA Therapy nurtures this individuality with customized programs and active partnership with you, all aimed to deliver measurable progress.

We strive to maximize your child’s full potential, so that your family can achieve its collective potential.