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BASS ABA Therapy maximizes every child’s individual potential, so that every family can maximize their collective potential.

About Us

BASS ABA Therapy provides best in class, individualized ABA services in a caring and safe, yet fun way.

BASS was established in 2003 and is built on our Behavior Analysts’ passion to serve the needs of children and families to achieve their developmental potential. BASS ABA Therapy offers comprehensive ABA therapy services specifically arranged to serve the needs of families like yours across the state of Florida.

Our certified Clinical Supervisors and Behavior Technicians, offer individualized programming every day to ensure we generate the best outcomes, all in a manner that makes our families comfortable and involved in the process. We use a comprehensive approach to ABA therapy to design a customized treatment plan for your child.

All of our treatment options offer a 1-to-1 therapist-to-child ratio in an individualized approach that will produce the outcomes you want for your child.

We are passionate about the children and families we serve. We are family-owned and family-focused, striving daily to make our clients successful and comfortable in our centers and community-based therapy programs. With comprehensive ABA therapy services from BASS ABA Therapy, our goal is to be candid about the process and help your child reach their maximum potential.

The hard part is over. With us, you are home

ABA therapy for autism

Outcome Study - Newly released

We are excited to share our first report on our program outcomes!

ABA therapy is grounded in rigorously measuring a child’s developmental progress to ensure success.  We believe that BASS is one of the first ABA therapy providers to apply that same discipline to our practice and program itself.  We have aggregated clinical data across all our children’s assessments to determine our overall program performance.  The results are compelling.  We are pleased to share our first Outcomes Study with you as we aspire to partnership and transparency with our parents and community – see these results for yourself.