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5-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right ABA Therapy Provider

Your child’s ABA therapy provider should be an extension of your family.  After all, your family and the therapists all have the same interests at heart: what is best for your child.   Bonds of trust and lovingkindness are an imperative foundation between your child and their ABA therapist. 

How do you choose the right ABA therapy provider for your child?  There are many factors to consider in autism treatment.  Use this checklist to determine the best fit for your child. 

Length of Time in Autism Therapy Practice

An important question to first consider is how much experience the ABA therapy provider has.  The more children a provider has supported, the more first-hand understanding they have to best to assist your child and family. 

Founded in 2003, BASS has been honored to work with thousands of children with autism and their families.  For each child, we bring our deep experience, clinical expertise, and patient lovingkindness to help our children reach their full potential.

Supervising BCBA and Clinical Leadership Oversight

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is the cornerstone of your child’s therapy team.  This specialist must hold a graduate degree, complete extensive supervised experience, and pass national exams to be certified in applied behavior analysis. 

We are very proud of our stellar BCBAs, not only for their acumen in therapy, but for their loving hearts for our children.  After confirming the proper diagnosis with your pediatrician, a BCBA will assess your child.  This detailed assessment helps the BCBA understand your child’s specific needs in a full spectrum of behavioral dimensions.

It takes a village to raise a child, and a child with autism is no different.  One of our BCBAs will oversee the loving village of therapists and team members that will come alongside your family’s journey.  Our clinical leadership oversight at each level ensures your child’s every need is being met and every potential explored. 

Individualized Learning Plan for ABA Therapy

An individualized learning plan is so important for tailoring ABA therapy for your child.  Every child with autism is unique, and so should the learning plan be.  Some children may do better with structured Discrete Trial Training, while others thrive with play-based Pivotal Response Treatment plans.  The key is tailoring your child’s plan to your child’s learning style, ideally keeping it natural and fun. 

At BASS, we are passionate about maximizing your unique child’s full potential.  Every treatment plan is highly individualized, custom tailored exactly to your child’s skillset, needs, and preferred learning style.  Our one-on-one sessions ensure every interaction is just what your child needs. 

Measurable Outcomes and Collaborative Goals

When considering the best autism therapy provider for your child, choose one that is focused on measurable outcomes for your child.  Some practices may focus on program templates or the quantity of service hours, but this is less than ideal for your child.  The best ABA therapy is highly individualized, with outcomes that are measurable. 

We believe these are milestones for which your child with ASD should see measurable outcomes:

  • Mainstreaming:  What our children learn in therapy should help them demonstrate age-appropriate behaviors in their natural environments, whether it is at school, home, or in the community.  This means maximizing their potential, while minimizing harmful behaviors towards themselves and others.   
  • Generalization: Being able to help our children translate the skills learned in therapy to natural life is an imperative outcome. 
  • Skills Acquisition: Our highly tailored programs help our children develop age-appropriate life skills that are needed academically, socially, developmentally, and cognitively.   

Our overarching goals for autism therapy are to improve communication and daily living skills, while mitigating problem behaviors.  The specific goals for your child’s treatment plan are based on both our assessment and collaboration with you.  Parental input and family needs are very important in our autism therapy program.

Open Communication and Family Engagement

The best way to serve a child with ASD is in partnership with the entire family.  This yields the best outcomes for your child and entire family.   Open communication is critical for understanding what is being successfully generalized, what areas need further focus, and how the entire family can be best supported.

At BASS, we are passionate about engaging with our children’s families.  In addition to discovering what’s best for the child with autism, we also teach family intervention strategies.  We believe in becoming an extended part of your family, supporting every member with both our expertise and understanding. 

You can always expect more from BASS ABA Therapy because of the importance of our values.  We are passionate about our children and helping them achieve outcomes that maximize their potential.  In this way, your family can achieve its collective potential. 

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.  We look forward to an opportunity to become part of your extended family!